martes, 5 de enero de 2010

Drawing coming on the sea

In 2003 moved to Bay Island looking for a peacefull place to live.
I always like arts. Most of my time off I dedicated my self to play guitar.
Leaving in the Island changed my stressfull life to a simple buddy.
During my stay there I teach Spanish part time in several school all over the three Islands.
While I was planing my classes I found out I can teach and paint for motivation in my classes.
In 2007 after all those years teaching using comics I decide to move again. This time I was more close than a relaxing place. I moved to a sailboat. A catamaran with my boyfriend. While he was steering the boat and watching the sea and the wheater , I was designing my comics. I realize how great it whas. This Catamaran travels the Utila to Roatan Islands as a transportation boat for 3:30-4:00 hours. I started coloring with pastels with oil based crayons.
But that time I had no idea how to draw real faces or bodies.

One morning I decide to draw of the passanger stories. And he likes what he sees on my drawing, since that everything change for a better life. Now I have so many drawing and stories that I wanto share with you.


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